Comparing the Stihl MS361 and MS362 Chainsaws

The MS362 has more power and torque than the MS361, as well as better vibration reduction, while the MS361 is optimized for high RPM operation. Overall, the MS362 is better for heavy duty use but the MS361 excels at tasks requiring high chain speed.

Stihl is a leading manufacturer of chainsaws and other outdoor power equipment. Two of their popular chainsaw models are the MS361 and the MS362.

These two saws have similarities, but also some key differences.

This blog post compares the specs and features of the Stihl MS361 vs. the Stihl MS362 to help you determine which model may be better for your needs.

Overview of the Stihl MS361

The Stihl MS361 is part of the 1135 series of Stihl chainsaws. Key specs and features:

  • Uses a “traditional 2-stroke engine”
  • Engine power output is 4.4 bhp
  • Excellent performance at higher RPMs
  • Features Stihl’s Anti-Vibration System, but it is considered inferior to the system on the MS362

Overview of the Stihl MS362

The MS362 is part of Stihl’s 1140 series of chainsaws. Here are the main specs and features:

  • Available in different model variants
  • Has a more powerful engine than the MS361, with 4.5% more torque
  • Well-balanced overall design
  • Equipped with Stihl’s superior Anti-Vibration System compared to the MS361

Comparing Power and Performance

When it comes to power, the MS362 has a slight edge. It puts out more torque than even the US model of the MS361.

This extra power makes the MS362 better suited for heavy-duty use.

The MS361 shines when working at higher revolutions per minute (RPMs). Its engine is optimized for these speeds. So for tasks requiring high chain speed, the MS361 may be the better pick.

Comparing Features and Design

The MS362 receives praise for its well-balanced design. Everything from the powerhead to the handle is engineered to provide great control and maneuverability. This gives it an ergonomic advantage over the MS361.

Vibration is another important consideration when using a chainsaw. The MS362 utilizes Stihl’s most advanced anti-vibration system.

This helps absorb vibrations for less operator fatigue. The MS361’s system, while good, can’t match the capabilities of the MS362 in reducing vibration.

Final Recommendation

While both are quality tools, the Stihl MS362 generally outperforms the MS361 due to its superior power, ergonomic design, and anti-vibration system.

Its extra torque makes it a better choice for frequent heavy-duty use. The MS361 still excels at high RPM tasks.

But for most users, the MS362 is the more advisable option between these two chainsaw models.

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