Pecan Firewood: [Cutting, Splitting & Seasoning]

Pecan Firewood

Finding the right firewoodOpens in a new tab. can be far more difficult than you could imagine. If you believe that you’re going to be able to go out and cut down a tree without thinking about it, you’re wrong.

You need to know what type of wood you’re dealing with so you can ensure that you get a wood that is going to work well for this purpose. Pecan is very popular.

Pecan firewood is going to burn exceptionally hot. Pecan is one of the hottest options you can find. You can guarantee that it is going to keep your home warm. Just remember that you’ll need to season the wood first. After all, it has a high moisture content.

More about this will be provided below for your consideration.

Splitting Pecan Wood

Pecan Firewood

If you’re going to be using pecan wood as firewood, you need to find out how to split it. Otherwise, you’re going to have a tough time getting the logs to fit inside of the fireplace.

The difficulty of splitting the wood will depend on several factors. The most important is how long the wood has been sitting around. It is best to split it as soon as possible.

Do not let it lay around for too long. If you do, the wood is going to become much harder. This will make it more difficult to split the wood. Waiting longer means that you’re going to have a tougher time splitting it.

Simultaneously, you should know that splitting the wood offers several benefits. One of the most notable is the fact that splitting the wood is going to make it dry much quicker.

Therefore, splitting it early will serve you best.

This will make it easier to split and it’ll ensure that the wood dries out much quicker. In all likelihood, you should be able to split the wood using an ax.

However, it will be much easier to use a gas-powered splitter.

Again, make sure that you split the wood as early as possible to avoid potential problems. This will make a big difference and make your life easier.

Seasoning Pecan Wood

The best way to season pecan wood is in a kiln. Unfortunately, most common people do not have access to a kiln. So, their only option is letting the wood season naturally.

To dry your pecan wood naturally, you will need to build a platform that sits off the ground and in a dry location. Once the wood is split, you simply place it on the platform, where it will dry over time.

To ensure a timely seasoning process, you will need to protect the pecan wood from moisture, and rainwater exposure. If you do not have a cover for your platform, you will need to build one. You can also utilize a large tarp to keep the wood dry and protected from sun exposure.

It can take anywhere from four to six months to completely season pecan wood. Remember that it is pertinent to give the wood plenty of time to dry. Otherwise, you’re going to have a tough time getting it to burn in your fireplace.

You might want to look into a moisture meter to test the moisture content before you burn it. You can find them on Amazon for a decent price.

Here is a link to the one I have. Moisture MeterOpens in a new tab. (Link To Amazon). Just make sure its 20% or lower and it’s safe to burn.

Pecan VS Oak Firewood

Oak and pecan are both extremely popular options when it comes to firewood. That being said, the two should by no means be mistaken for the same wood because they are not. Yes, the two contain similar properties, but they should not be mistaken for the same.

In fact, pecan and oak are both extremely popular choices when it comes to smoking meats. This is because they are capable of producing extreme amounts of heat along with producing a lingering smell that is pleasant and enjoyable.

Not only this, but these woods transfer their smell to the food and imbue them with tasty flavors. Some individuals even like to mix the two when they are smoking foods.

As far as smoking goes, it really comes down to personal preference. Some individuals like a mixture of the two, while others prefer one or the other.

Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that both pecan and oak make excellent smoking woods. They both are great for heating homes as well because they are capable of producing large amounts of BTUs.

Summary On Pecan Firewood

At the end of the day, you can easily see that there is a lot to pecan firewood. It is one that is unique and contains properties that will heat the home abundantly.

Yes, there are other firewoods available that are more potent, but this doesn’t mean that pecan isn’t special in its own right.

You can see from the information above that it produces a pleasant odor that is somewhat reminiscent of pecan nuts and vanilla.

The smell will even linger throughout the home way after the fire has gone out. So, you can see that pecan is unique in its own right and contains properties that make it stand out.

When all said and done, it really comes down to the type of lighting, heat, and smell that you acquire. If the information above suits your desires then there is no denying that pecan firewood is the wood for you and your home.

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