Chainsaw Showdown: Husqvarna 395xp Vs Stihl Ms660

Husqvarna 395xp Vs Stihl Ms660

When it comes to heavy-duty cutting jobs, chainsaws are an essential tool that can make all the difference. However, choosing the right chainsaw can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market.

Among the top contenders are the Husqvarna 395XP and the Stihl MS660, both of which are known for their exceptional power and durability.

In this chainsaw showdown, we aim to compare the two models based on their main features, ease of use, and maintenance to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Husqvarna 395XP and Stihl MS660 are both heavy-duty chainsaws designed for professional logging and tree-felling operations.
  • Husqvarna 395XP has a larger engine and fuel capacity, as well as convenience features and durability features, while Stihl MS660 has more power and impressive safety features.
  • Personal preference and needs should be considered when choosing between the two chainsaws.
  • The article also provides comparisons between other chainsaws and tips on how to fix Husqvarna 136 problems.

Main Features

The Husqvarna 395XP and Stihl MS660 chainsaws are both designed for heavy-duty cutting jobs. When comparing the two, the main features to consider are engine power, safety features, convenience features, and durability features.

The Husqvarna 395XP boasts a powerful X-Torq engine that produces 6.6 horsepower, making it a great choice for professional logging and tree-felling operations.

It also has a Smart Start system for easier starting, an adjustable oil pump to optimize lubrication, and a quick-release air filter for easy cleaning.

Additionally, the chainsaw features an ergonomic grip and felling marks for accuracy, a three-piece crankshaft for better performance, and an air injection system for engine protection. While the Husqvarna 395XP is a little heavier than the Stihl MS660, weighing in at 17.4 lbs, it offers durability features such as a magnesium crankcase and LowVib Technology for reduced fatigue and injury.

Pros and cons and user reviews for both chainsaws should be taken into consideration when deciding which one best suits individual needs.

Comparison of Features

When comparing the features of the Husqvarna 395XP and the Stihl MS660, it becomes apparent that each chainsaw has its own set of strengths and advantages.

For instance, the Husqvarna 395XP boasts an X-Torq engine that produces 6.6 horsepower, making it a powerful tool for heavy-duty cutting jobs.

Additionally, the chainsaw comes equipped with the Smart Start system, an ergonomic grip, and felling marks for improved accuracy, a three-piece crankshaft that enhances its performance, and an air injection system that ensures the engine is protected from dust and other contaminants.

On the other hand, the Stihl MS660 also has features that make it a strong contender in the chainsaw market.

For instance, the chainsaw has an inertia-activated chain brake that enhances safety, a side-mounted chain tensioner, a single-lever master control, and a compensator that ensures the engine runs at optimal levels.

Additionally, the chainsaw has a decompression valve, an ElastoStart system, an anti-vibration system, and an Ematic system that enhances its performance and durability.

When it comes to choosing between the two chainsaws, it is important to consider personal preferences and cutting needs. Maintenance tips and performance tests can also help determine which chainsaw is best suited for a particular job.

Other Chainsaw Comparisons

To further expand on chainsaw comparisons, several other models have been pitted against each other.

The Husqvarna 592 XP versus the Stihl MS500i is a comparison between two professional-grade chainsaws with high-performance engines.

The Husqvarna 592 XP has a larger engine, producing 8.5 horsepower, while the Stihl MS500i produces 6.8 horsepower. The two chainsaws are similar in weight, with the Husqvarna 592 XP weighing 14.7 lbs and the Stihl MS500i weighing 14.8 lbs.

Both chainsaws have features such as an adjustable oil pump, anti-vibration system, and air injection system. The Husqvarna 592 XP has a longer warranty, with a 5-year warranty compared to the Stihl MS500i’s 2-year warranty.

Brand loyalty is a factor to consider when choosing between chainsaws. The Stihl 192 versus the 193 is a comparison between two chainsaws from the same brand.

The Stihl 193 has a slightly larger engine and more power than the Stihl 192. However, the Stihl 192 is lighter and more compact, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Similarly, the Stihl 460 versus the 461 is a comparison between two Stihl chainsaws with similar features and capabilities.

Brand loyalty may play a role in the decision-making process, but it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each model and choose the chainsaw that best meets your needs.

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