Are Dolmar Chainsaws Any Good

Dolmar chainsaws are known for quality, reliability & value, with popular models like the 7900, 5105 & 6100 prized for power, smooth operation & durability. Now sold as Makitas, Dolmars continue to offer German engineering excellence at a lower price than premium brands.

Dolmar chainsaws have developed a sterling reputation for quality and reliability over the company’s long history. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1926, Dolmar specialized in air-cooled two stroke engines.

They began manufacturing chainsaws in the 1960s and soon gained a following for the power and smooth operation of models like the Makita 7900.

Dolmar’s chainsaw line appealed to both professional loggers and weekend warriors. They offered a good balance of durability, performance, and price.

While not in the same premium category as Stihl and Husqvarna, Dolmar saws provided professional-grade quality at a more affordable price point.

In 2008, the company was acquired by Makita, who began rebranding Dolmar chainsaws under their own name.

However, many models still bear the Dolmar name and the saws themselves remain unchanged since the transition.

Top Dolmar/Makita Models

Several Dolmar models stand out for their impressive performance and durability:

Dolmar/Makita 7900

The 7900 has earned a cult following among chainsaw enthusiasts for its power and smooth operation. It features a 79cc 2-stroke engine that delivers robust torque.

The saw is regarded by many as one of the best Dolmar models ever produced.

Dolmar/Makita 5105 and 6100

These mid-range models receive high marks for their balance of power, weight, and price.

The 5105’s 50cc engine and the 6100’s 60cc engine make quick work of smaller jobs like tree limbing while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.

They are great choices for weekend warriors.

Dolmar/Makita 6400 and 7310

For larger cutting jobs, the 6400 (64cc) and 7310 (73cc) pack some serious punch. With their high power-to-weight ratios and pro features like chain brakes, these professional-grade saws have plenty of muscle while maintaining maneuverability.

Other Notable Models

In addition to the models above, the Dolmar/Makita PS-32, PS-421, and PS-7910 are well-liked for their robust power and reliable starting.

Dolmar fans say the PS-5105 combines the best features of the 5105 in a more compact saw.

What to Expect from Makita

Although the Dolmar name is being phased out, the saws themselves remain unchanged under Makita’s ownership.

Customers can expect the same good balance of power, handling, and value from newer Makita-branded versions of Dolmar favorites.

With Makita’s expanded distribution network, the saws are now more widely available worldwide while maintaining Dolmar’s legacy of quality.

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